Applying to CIS

The Canadian International School of Phnom Penh will accept applications from new students throughout the year. CIS admits students on the basis of “rolling admissions,” taking completed applications in the order in which they arrive until no space remains in a given class.

Admission process is composed of 3 steps: application, student assessment and acceptance. Prior to being considered for admission to CIS, students must file a complete application, submit all documentation as required, and must pay the application fee as indicated on the School Tuition and Fees page.
The CIS Admission Procedure is transparent and fully explained to the parents of prospective students.

To begin the Admissions Process, please download the application forms package below:


Academic Skills:

CIS is a school which challenges students to meet the highest standards and expects each student to learn to their maximum potential. Based on previous school transcripts and reports, applicants must show their motivation to achieve success and meet the high academic standards of CIS. CIS begins at the preschool level of 18 months of age and offers a full education from this age and up.

Social Skills:

CIS is a learning community bound together by adherence to the principles of respect, responsibility and honesty. As such, CIS accepts only students whose past record demonstrates a clear commitment to these principles or whose parents demonstrate that their child can and will meet those standards.

Physical or Learning Disabilities:

CIS accepts students with specific mild learning disabilities and with physical disabilities that do not require additional support and who show a willingness to learn and to succeed. Nevertheless, CIS cannot accept students whose physical or learning disability is judged by our academic staff to be such that we cannot effectively educate the child with available resources.

Class Size:

The current maximum class size at CIS is 24 students and we usually do not go over 22. Qualified, foreign and Khmer Teacher Assistants, help ensure our student/adult ratio that supports the best learning environment is guaranteed.

Waiting Lists:

A waiting list for accepted students will be constructed when space is not readily available. Every effort will be made to accommodate each student registration. A waiting list deposit will be required.