Selecting an outstanding international school in Phnom Penh can be an overwhelming experience with all of the options. That’s why we made this list of questions to ask and things to keep in mind when choosing a school here, or anywhere!

  1. Is the school certified by a recognized foreign government agency or is it just a franchise? (certified schools are regularly monitored by a government agency to maintain quality).
  2. Are the teachers fully-qualified with a minimum of their degree in education?
  3. Does the school teach a western curriculum? If so, are they able to share documents and links with you where you can read more about the specific curriculum?
  4. Does the school have a western qualified head of school or principal with a masters degree from a recognized university?
  5. Are the school’s standards of hygiene up to your expectations?
  6. Does the school have safety standards?
  7. What is the teacher to child ratio in the classroom?
  8. How many students study in one classroom? Does the school set a limit of how many students are accepted into each classroom? 
  9. Is there a trained counsellor on staff to help students with their needs?
  10. What access do students have to technology?
  11. What specialist teachers (music, art, physical education, etc.) does the school have?
  12. Does the school offer any additional extra-curricular activities for students?
  13. Are the teachers native English speakers?
  14. Do students have access to outdoor green spaces, gymnasium, library and swimming pool?
  15. Is there a diverse student population?
  16. Are there additional language options such as Mandarin or French?
  17. Does the school’s curriculum allow for students to attend international universities when they graduate?