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  • Chiang Mai Day 5

    Visiting the Elephant Nature Park was one of the best things I experienced on the trip. If I had never visited the nature park, I would not know my newly acquired knowledge about the elephants, and realize that they are in big danger. I don’t think I will ever forget […]

  • Chiang Mai Day 4

    Today was enjoyable meeting the elephants at Elephant Nature Park. We first fed the elephants, watermelons. Somehow I wish there were more watermelons in the basket because I wanted to continue to feed the elephants. To understand more of the purpose of the Elephant Nature Park, we watch a documentary. […]

  • Chiang Mai Day 3

    Today after breakfast, we went mountain biking. When we arrived at the area where the bikes were, we had to go through safety instructions and procedures before we were allowed to bike. All of us had to bike in a single file line on the left side of the road […]

  • Chiang Mai Day 2

    Today was fun. My favorite part of today’s experience was the night bazaar. We had the chance to spend our own money and buy souvenirs. It was very challenging because we were scared to get separated so we counted our numbers every five minutes. I enjoyed having the responsibility to […]

  • Chiang Mai Day 1


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