Student council creates an interactive environment in which individuals cooperate and lead initiatives. A significant part of being committed to a student organization is service; it allows for reciprocation in various ways. Responsible for initiating and implementing projects that benefit the school community, Student Council contributes to the experiences of students by presenting them with opportunities for involvement in the school, leading to widened areas of responsibility. Striving to increase student involvement and school pride, our mission is to develop capable leaders within our school community, inspire citizenship in an international community of learners, and promote the values that represent good character in all students. 

Through a dedicated set of positions allocated to nine students that were selected by the teacher committee, we hope to be able to bring out the best of our school community through various committees, assigned to further improve and develop specific aspects of our international cohort. Representing the Student Council are the President and Vice-President, who will lead discussions and represent the student voice. Alongside them is the Secretary, who is responsible for main communication between council members and manages the communication out to the CIS community. Representing middle school, is the Middle School Liason, who will be the bridge for middle school and Student Council, working to increase student participation. Our Public Relations is responsible for advertising and publicizing our Council events and working alongside the Secretary for external communications. Our Treasurer will be responsible for coming up with fundraiser ideas and collecting funds after the event. 

Lastly, our Spirit and Activity leaders are responsible for any service projects in the future with the aim to improve student participation through events based on what the student community wants. With wonderful students fulfilling their positions, we hope to achieve our goal of increasing student participation and ultimately making CIS a better place for everyone.

Richi Heng

Emma Yee
Vice President