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  • “L’une des meilleures écoles internationales de Phnom Penh au Cambodge”
    Réviseur Google, Février 2020

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  • CIS Food Donations

    What is CAS?

    CAS is an integral part of the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) that encourages students to learn more about themselves along with their local community. In order to be successful in CAS, students must be self-motivated and able to work collaboratively with others. While building highly valued soft skills, CAS fosters a […]

  • CIS ASAC Photo Competition

    Who Are We – Photography Contest

    From November 17th to December 15th, CIS students will be given the opportunity to compete against other schools in the first ASAC Photography Contest. The theme of the contest is ‘Who Are We’. Students are asked to submit photos that answer the questions – “What defines you?”, “What defines your […]

  • CIS and Local4local food collection

    CIS Launches Community Shelves

    As part of the IB Diploma CAS module, CIS students organised food and sanitary item donations from our community shelves. The student-led initiative in conjunction with Local4Local aims to provide regular work for cyclo drivers who collect and distribute donations to those in need in the Phnom Penh community on […]

  • Grade 8 STEM Challenge Assembly

    Grade 8 Feels the Pressure

    In science, our Grade 8 students were tasked with applying their knowledge of mechanics in the form of a Maker Challenge. Working in small groups, using only scrap materials and syringes, students were tasked with creating a working hydraulic lift over the course of three lessons.  During assembly, each system […]

  • Choosing a Cohesive International Curriculum