Today was fun. My favorite part of today’s experience was the night bazaar. We had the chance to spend our own money and buy souvenirs. It was very challenging because we were scared to get separated so we counted our numbers every five minutes. I enjoyed having the responsibility to explore market with my friends. Even thought it was scary at first, I felt safety being in our group and enjoyed seeing all the people at the market.

They sell everything in the night bazaar, such as food, souvenirs, clothing, toys, ect. We learned to take responsibilities. We had a great time and we hope to have another opportunity to go there again.

I enjoyed today more then yesterday because we were given more opportunity to explore. I am looking forward to another hands on adventure tomorrow.

-Student 1


Today we had fun going to the night bazaar. We went to buy souvenirs, clothing, paintings, and other goods. I bought gifts for my family members. I met some nice people while at the night market and even our Thai language teacher was there.

Although it was fun I felt scared when we went around for the first few minutes because I thought we would get scammed, someone would steal our bag, or we might even get lost. In the end I felt very safe with the group I was with.

My favorite thing about going to the night market was that I could explore the market with my friends and shop around with our own money. I loved the experience and hope to do it again.

-Student 2


I think that today will be one best days in the field trip, mostly because of the Night Market where I was in a group of 7 (including me). We entered the Night Market and every 5 minutes we made sure that all of our team members were together but apart from that, we all were shopping and we all loved it! At first we got simple things like posters and some snacks but then later we started to buy more expensive things, like T-shirts and stuffed animals. We started to buy many thing for our parents like bracelets, posters and ties. The reason I really enjoyed the Night bazaar was because I could explore but I still had to be cautious to not get lost and not spend too much money. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s kayaking and mountain biking and the rest of the field trip.