Visiting the Elephant Nature Park was one of the best things I experienced on the trip. If I had never visited the nature park, I would not know my newly acquired knowledge about the elephants, and realize that they are in big danger. I don’t think I will ever forget the moments feeding and bathing them. Kayaking was also one of the best things in my trip. It was really tiring, but it was still exciting. I will always remember the scenery of the river because it was so beautiful. I wish I could visit Chiang Mai again but with my parents, brother and relatives someday.


-Student 1


Cooking was the best experience because it was my first time learning how to cook my own food and I really did enjoy the cooking lessons. I am glad and happy that I had went on this trip to learn how to cook my own food because I have never ever learned how to make or cook my own food at home by anyone. So I’m hoping that in our next trip there would be more cooking lessons so that I can learn how to cook foods from different countries and cultural as well. I would also recommend this trip to other people to come to as well because they also learn how to cook their own food and also experience other things in the trip.


-Student 2