We have arrived safely and unpacked our bags! Les Manguiers has fuelled us with a delicious lunch, so we are ready for our scavenger hunt, swimming and boat ride.

We are excited to be here and eager to start our trip!




Tuesday January 24, 2017

Today was an exciting but sad day for me, because eight of our grade 6’s (including me) went to Kampot, but it was a sad day because it was my first time going on an overnight trip without my parents and I miss them.

We had a great time on the bus; everybody shared snacks and played together.

Once we got to Les Manguiers, we played a little volleyball and football because we were waiting for Ms. Angrove to check our rooms. After she checked our rooms, we put our bags in the room and went for lunch. The lunch was delicious, we had Chicken, salad and rice, and we also had brownies and cookies for desert. Thanks to Ms.Shum!

Afterwards we went on a scavenger hunt. We all got excited, but when we realized how hard it was we all wanted to go back to the resort

On the scavenger hunt, we had to find objects, places and even ask the locals for information about the village; the village was called Kampong Kreng. It was still fun because we went around looking for the places on our map; it was pretty hard to find where the places were so we had to ask the neighbors.

After we came back we did rope swings, and jumps into a salt water river.

When it was time for dinner nobody was as hungry, like we were at lunchtime
(Except Lang). The dinner was great! We had cooked fish, vegetable stir fry and rice.

But this next part was the best part! We took a boat on the river to see plankton and fireflies. I was shocked when I tried putting my hand in the water to see little blue sparks moving around my hand. The boat driver decided to put a few fireflies inside a bottle for us to see; it was AMAZING!

– Student 1

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Today I discovered a lot of cool stuff, it might be the best stuff I’ve seen so far. The first thing the class did is play football and eat some great lunch, then we did a scavenger hunt in a town named Kampong Kreng, near Les Manguiers, where we found some cool stuff, like worm cookie, information about the town, and pig nose snack. We got to rest for a bit then we swam in the river. We got to jump off the pier and off a rope swing.

After swimming we ate some dinner we had fish, lasagna and vegetable stir fry. It was a great, we cheered our water, relaxed and talked about our day. After dinner, we took a ride on a boat to a place where we found glowing stuff, called plankton. When we touched it in the water it sparkled and followed the movement of our hands. Above the river there was a tree full of fireflies, it was my best thing I’ve seen!

– Student 2

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