Written by Rifka Dubois, Grade 8

The purpose of Friendship Week is to shed light on bullying and how we can stand up to it with friendships and courage. Self-love is basically a necessity if you strive for a healthy mind and body. Love yourself for who you are despite your flaws and past mistakes. Be your own cause for happiness and don’t let yourself be a magnet to other people’s hate and antagonism. Treat others how you wish to be treated, and no less. Keeping these themes in mind, the CIS Student Council created activities to promote anti-bullying, self love and friendship.

On Wednesday February 26th, Pink Shirt Day took place. Pink Shirt Day is celebrated globally as an anti-bullying event which started in Canada in 2007. Two students wore pink in support of a new student who was being harassed and bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Wearing a pink shirt on this day is a symbolic gesture towards anti-bullying.

On the following day, a self love mural was created out of every student’s handprint. They wrote things that they love about themselves on the handprints. This activity advocated self-love and will hopefully encourage students to think about what self-love means to them.

The last day, Friday the 28th, consisted of making friendship bracelets. This activity brought new friends together and possibly strengthened old friendships. By giving another person a bracelet, you illustrate your love for them and your memories together.

Although the end of the week has come, that doesn’t mean that standing up against bullying, loving yourself, and having friendships, should stop throughout the rest of the year.