We’re happy to announce the installation of a large-scale solar array at our Koh Pich campus begins today. With this project, we will join the collective effort to reduce Cambodia’s overall carbon footprint--one project at a time. The rooftop array will comprise over 2,000 solar panels generating up to 0.9MW of electricity for the school. 

Environmental Benefit

“The benefits for the environment and potential cost savings for the school are both important,” said Head of School Mr. Jason Caruana. ” As a bonus, the project will open up authentic learning opportunities for our students across grade levels to explore the positive impact the project can have on our school community and our shared environment.”

The design and installation of the solar energy system is the remit of solar engineering firm, Kamworks. The firm has installed solar energy systems at numerous other schools and businesses in Cambodia, although the CIS array is their largest project to date. “With this solar energy system, CIS will be able to generate 36.7% of its electricity from solar,” said Managing Director Arjen Luxwolda. “By installing this system, CIS will directly contribute to the reduction of emissions of harmful greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, where they contribute to global warming.”

Aerial Survey of the CIS Koh Pich Campus – Conducted prior to the commencement of the installation.

This system is subsidized through the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), a system that facilitates the co-funding of low-carbon technologies by the Government of Japan. An international consortium represented by Asian Gateway Corporation is responsible for the successful delivery of the CIS system under the scheme. 

“Asian Gateway Corporation is grateful to successfully start this meaningful project in Cambodia with the financial support of the Japanese Government through the JCM,” remarked Chief Executive Officer Tomonori Kimura. “Since our first project in this country in 2015, we have always aimed to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to highlight the benefits of doing so, especially to children and students. We hope our projects increase consciousness of environmental issues.”

Look out for updates on this project as the installation progresses. 

About Kamworks

Kamworks, founded by Dutch solar engineers in 2006, is one of Cambodia’s first and leading solar companies. Kamworks has a network of partners and investors financing solar projects all over Cambodia for its clients. It has the largest team of solar specialists, both Khmer and expatriate, in Cambodia. Kamworks is fully compliant with all national and international standards and industry practices and is accredited by international partners such as Total Solar.

About Asian Gateway Corporation

Asian Gateway Corporation provide green tech services, including the service to consult for implementing the subsidy program of the JCM bilateral credit system, and be a representative participant of an international consortium to implement the project together with the project owner. Also, we are focusing on the business of sharing economy utilizing environmental friendly technology to realize a low carbon society in Asia and Japan.

Photo: Kamworks crane lifts installation materials to the middle school high school building. Photos provided by Kamworks.