CIS Student Ambassadors are a group of 5 students from Grades 8 and 9. Each student is fluent in at least two languages and together represent 6 different languages and cultures. The ambassadors greet visitors to our school and help them to understand the great learning and leadership opportunities that are available to students at CIS. These students have met with business leaders, government ministers, parents, prospective new students, and representatives from universities and colleges from around the world! 

As an example of what our ambassadors do, in October they met with Ms. Tshering Choden, International Relations Officer of the Development and External Relations Department of the Bhutanese government, and Ms. Leki Dem Tamang, Assistant Finance Officer of the International Relations Office for Royal Thimpu College in Bhutan. 

During the exclusive interview, the student ambassadors learned that Bhutan has college programs that are designed to be a stepping-stone to any major university in most Western countries. In addition, ambassadors learned that Bhutan measures their GDP as “GNH” – Gross National Happiness. This means that the happiness of the population is measured to ensure that Bhutan is a safe, secure, healthy and friendly environment for everyone. 

Student ambassadors were also recently led on a tour of the campus expansion by the Head of School, Mr Caruana. They learned about all the exciting things that the new campus will have to offer.

Congratulations to the ambassadors on their great leadership skills and showing the community how they create, inspire and succeed.