It’s another beautiful day in Kampot!

After a good night sleep the Grade 6 students are ready to take on the day! After enjoying a big breakfast together we are off to hike Mount Blanc and get involved at a local school. Today is about working together and learning about how we can support each other and our communities. Whether we are encouraging one another on a hike or supporting each other through community service, we are all in this together!



Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Today I ate breakfast it was great because I got to experience different flavours, such as chocolate and different kind of jams on my bread. Then we went hiking, it was fun to see the view from up there, but it was really hard to get to the top because we had to climb up a tricky path of rocks. I learnt that there was an 85 year old lady that climbs the mountain 4 or 5 times a day to buy her groceries and get things for her house, but she wasn’t home. On the way down we all helped each other out going down, all of us helped by holding each others hands and warning others of dangerous parts. When we got down from the mountain it was very tiring and really itchy, but we were all feeling great. When we got in the van we went to a pagoda and a Chinese temple. We took a moment to pray, and I noticed a cow god. I’m not really sure where this god is from, maybe from India, but I’m not sure.

While we were driving back we stopped to see some local people weaving baskets. It was interested to see how they each had their own part in making one basket. We left to eat lunch in a small hut near the river. We ate some rice with chicken and shrimps, the chicken was good, I liked the sauce, but I didn’t like the shrimps as much. After eating lunch we went to the school to pick up trash and get to know the students of another school. Then we played some games with the kids and visited their classrooms. On the way back to Les Manguiers, it was long and kind of bumpy, so when we arrived back we rested a bit and ate some snacks. Later, we went to change into our swimsuit and went swimming in the river. It was the best 2nd day!

– Student 1




The first thing we did this morning is take a shower, then we got ready to eat breakfast. I ate bread with strawberry jam and Nutella with some scrambled egg.

Afterwards, we climbed a mountain that was so hard to climb because of the rocks and vines. But we worked together! We helped each other by holding hands on the steep parts and told other about the plants that had spikes, so we could be careful. After we got to the top of the mountain, the guide told us that there is an old lady who lives up in the mountain alone and climbs the mountain 4 times a day. When we came down, we went to the pagoda and we prayed at the Buddha statue. There was a school next to the pagoda, so asked them to play volleyball and football. They were a good team to play against. Then we went to see some local people who weave baskets, we bought two for our class. Next we ate picnic lunch on the riverside, and we went to another school to pick up plastic for the school with the kids. After that we came back to Les Manguiers. The last thing we did was swim in the river, play ping pong and foosball and eat dinner! This has been a great experience for me on the second day of our trip.

– Student 2

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