After enjoying some sticky marshmallows over the campfire and journaling about the day events, everyone had a good night’s rest.

Today, we’re kayaking the Cathedral Loop and discovering the Kampot Museum, along with a dance performance at the Kampot Cultural Development Institute.

26 January 2017

We woke up at the same time as yesterday. We had breakfast, and prepared for kayaking in the morning. It was my first time in a kayak, so I was a little excited. When we kayaked, we moved to our kayaking spot on a big boat, and when we arrived, we took the smaller boats. I rode with Mr. Saguil. It was tiring, but sailing on the river was so fun.

After kayaking, we changed clothes simply, and started swimming. Luckily the water was deep enough to jump. It was our last time swimming in Kampot, so we played alot. It was so fun. After swimming, we had lunch. The lunch was pork, salad, and French fries. It was so yummy!

We did our science project about leaves after we finished our lunch for about about an hour. We visited the provincial museum of Kampot to learnt the history of the city. And I could know Kampot was one of the biggest city in Cambodia and still a big town today.

We went to the institution of Khmer culture at about 4 o’clock. The institution is for orphans and blind children. And then, we watched the traditional Khmer dancing and puppet show for an hour. We walked along the river in Kampot and played a bit in a playground until 6:00.

We had pizza dinner in the Italian restaurant. The sausage pizza was the most delicious pizza. After the dinner, we ate ice cream near the restaurant. I ate the mint ice cream with chocolate chips. The food was so great!

I’m so sad today is the last day of our trip. I want to visit here again with my family and relatives. Our trip was so fun!

– Student 1

Today is January 26th and we had a blast today! First, we had breakfast with eggs, bread with jam, chocolate, peanut butter and other stuff. Then, I went kayaking with two of my friends on one boat, it was really fun, but we mostly bumped into the side of the river. Lossing control of the boat was fun! After we finished kayaking we came back to our resort and swam in the river. We swam for about 20 minutes then we took a shower and had our lunch. Our lunch was pork, salad, and French fries, which were all really good. Right after that we went to a Kampot museum and we learnt a lot about Kampot history. When we were all done we headed to this place where we watched a Khmer traditional dance and a puppet show that was performed by kids who have no parents. When dinner came in we ate pizza in a Italian restaurant, which was good, but not the best I’ve ever had. Today was the best day because of the kayaking and all the fun stuff we did!

– Student 2