Today was the second day of the trip. I had so much fun, and everyone else looked like they were having fun too.

This morning we had a really good breakfast. We had bread with different fillings like chocolate spread, of course I had chocolate because I love chocolate. We also had scrambled eggs. After breakfast we went to play and help with a local public school. We helped by picking up the trash around the school. Then we had questioning time about how to keep our environment clean. If we answered the question correctly we would get a pen or a toothbrush. Afterwards, we played basketball. It was more kind of rugby because they played rougher than i used to. After the game we said goodbye to our new friends and we left the school to eat lunch. We had lunch in a pagoda.

After lunch we went mountain climbing. It was so fun and tiring at the same time. We got up the mountain safely and we took some pictures and then we headed down. It was so hot, but it was worth it. This was my first time mountain climbing and it was awesome! We arrived down and we were about to play football with another public school because we were so exhausted. We went to the resort and we were chilling. We were suppose to swim in the river, but it started to rain and it was raining cats and dogs. So the result is we cant swim, but instead we went to the museum. At the museum we learned many things. We saw statues and pictures. We also met this man who told us about the french history about Kampot. We learned about buildings and we also had to do a scavenger hunt but not exactly. We had to find pictures of elephants and a baby with the mother. Lastly, we went back to the resort. It was a great day.

-Student 1

Today is the second day of our four-day Kampot trip. In the morning we went to a local school. We picked up trash to help make their environment clean. After we played some games with them (basketball and tag). When we finished we said goodbye and planned to climb the mountain. It was quite steep but all of us made it with only a few scratches. Going up was hard, but coming down was much easier. We were all very sweaty so planned to jump into the river right after we came back to the hotel. Soon it started to rain so we couldn’t do it. Instead we decided to go to a museum. We got a tour from the owner and he told us all about the history of Kampot. Apparently, Kampot has the most French speaking people in the whole Cambodia.

– Student 2

Today is the second days in our Kampot trip. It a good day and also a very tiring day. First, we went to a local school to help them pick up trash to make the school cleaner. The group that got the most trash in ten minutes and answered questions got a price; the prizes included toothbrushes, pens and highlighters. After we finished lunch at the pagoda, we went mountain climbing and we were covered in sweat when we finished. When we go back to the hotel, we planned to jump into the river and swim, but as soon as we changed into our swimming suit the sky began to rain. We went to the museum and learn a lot of history about Kampot. It very fun, I’m also excited to go kayaking tomorrow.

– Student 3

Today is the second of our four-day trip in Kampot. This morning we ate breakfast which consists of orange juice, baguettes, several types of sauces, butter and cheese. It was delicious. After breakfast, we visited a local school. We made friends and together we picked up trash around the whole school. We really got to know the other students, we also played sports with them. After spending time in the local school, it was time for lunch. We had lunch at a temple, for lunch we had a choice of chicken or beef.

Lunch is over and it’s time for mountain climbing. During our way up, it was burning hot and our faces were red and covered with sweat. However, when we were going down, the air was cool and it was less tiring but the path was steep and it was easy to fall and slide.

After we finished mountain climbing and we were supposed to play soccer with another school but instead we went back to the resort with plans to swim in the river and jump off the pier. Before that, we went up to change into our bathing suits and we met at the journaling area to play some games and enjoy each others’ company. Unfortunately, it rained. So we couldn’t go swimming. Instead we made a visit to the museum where they have different pictures and interesting sculptures. We had a guide that explained to us what was happening when the pictures were taken.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, where we are going to enjoy and have some more fun.

– Student 4