This is our third day of our four day Kampot trip. We went kayaking in the morning. It was tiring, but fun. We kept weaving one side of the river to the other. Took us a while to get the hang of it, but with a little bit of teamwork, we got it. I was so excited when we got to jump off the dock to swim. We did a lot of jumping. However, we didn’t get to swing which was my favorite part last time, but it was still fun.

We ate chicken and rice for lunch. I’ve been happy with the meals this week. After lunch, we got to choose whether to do yoga or boot camp. I chose to do yoga. Ms. Angrove has us doing push-ups in the yoga. I was surprised how hard it was. I thought we would just be stretching! Afterwards, we took the bus to the pepper farm. It was a pretty long ride, but it was worth it. I learnt a lot about the peppers. The difference between red, green, and black. We also got to taste some pepper. It was so spicy, but I kind of liked it. The place was SO beautiful! Then we went back to Kampot to have PIZZA!! I loved the pizza, but the salad not as much. The pizza was better than I expected. Now we are planning to have a campfire. It was a very fun day, I enjoyed it a lot.

– Student 1

Today was really exciting! We went kayaking. We learned how to turn right, left and spin on a Kayak. After kayaking, we went swimming in the river. Again it was a lot of fun. Then we took a bus to go to the pepper farm. We learned about peeper. There were white, black, and red peppers. We were told that turns many colors depending on the process of making the pepper. We also saw pineapples, bananas, and papayas. We saw a huge banana flower. The flower was so beautiful! It was really big. After looking through the farm, we went to eat pizza because it was the time to eat dinner. We had pizzas and we also had a salad. The pizza was so delicious. Next, we went to get some ice cream. There were many kinds of flavors. I chose strawberry and vanilla flavors. It was great. If I could come here again, I want to eat ice cream again.

– Student 2

Today we went kayaking. It wasn’t my favorite part of the day because it was so hard. We kept bumping into the trees. The class went swimming, but I don’t want to swim so I didn’t have to. Later, we went to the pepper fam. We got to try different peppers and we saw what peppers looked like on the trees.

For dinner, we went to eat pizza. I like pizza. Then we got some ice cream. I like ice cream too.

The trip was lots of fun.

– Student 3

I’m so sad that today is the last night of this trip, I wish I didn’t have to leave cute cats.

Our first activity today was kayaking. My team was so bad at kayaking, but little by little we understood how to control the boat. We listened to the teachers advise, and we learned to work together to turn the kayak right and left. We were so hot from kayaking that I was excited to go swimming afterwards. K.C, Rifka, and I were trying to pass a rock in the air as we jumped off the dock. It was a hard game but so much fun. That was amazing!

Next, we visited a pepper farm where we got to eat many kinds of peppers. They were actually so spicy. We learned about the different kinds of peppers, and how they grow. It was cool that the pepper farm helps support a local school with the money they are making from selling pepper.

Finally, we ate pizza at the Italian restaurant. We talked and laughed over dinner. It was the perfect way to end the trip. We even got to eat ice cream at the end!

I want to come here again!

– Student 4