Over the past 4-days I’ve learnt how to climb a mountain, kayak, and make new friends. The classmates I’ve had the chance to get to know better are Muddin and King, they seem different outside of school. I roomed with them here in Kampot, so I got the chance to talk with them in the evenings. I feel that other schools should have similar school trips because I felt free to make my own choices and learn to do things without my phone or computer.

I got the chance to see people’s personalities outside the classroom, learn that fruit grows on trees, the history of Kampot, what fireflies look like and so much more. Because of all of these things I would recommend schools trips like these, as we learn interesting thigs about Cambodia.

My favorite part of Kampot was seeing the fireflies. This trip will change my perception of thinking forever. If you have a chance to come to Kampot, then come over to see. It’s a cool place.

– Student 1

This school trip has been awesome and really fun! I finally learned how to kayak and mountain climb. This was my first time doing both these activities. I thought they would be hard, as I was nervous while we were climbing and in the boat, but by the end I felt I had achieved a goal of some sort and was proud of myself.

I got to know Sao, King, and Soursdey much better over the trip. I really appreciated Sopriya, Ms. Angrove and Mr. Comeau who helped me while we climbed the mountain.

I liked swimming in the river because I liked jumping from the dock. Kayaking because like learning how to paddle the boat down the river. But, I also enjoyed climbing the mountain, the Kampot museum, eating pizza and ice cream for dinner, the pepper farm, bootcamp and going to see fireflies. I guess I can’t really choose a favorite part.

This was a great trip! I enjoyed everything that we did.

– Student 2

The last four days taught me about teamwork. When we went mountain climbing, we had to give each other space, help other climb down the mountain, and also guide each other when we needed to know where to go. While swimming, we would float around together and jump into the water, always making sure we were all together and not jumping on top of each other.

Over lunch we learnt to pass each other food, and make sure everyone was at the table before we started eating.

I had fun in Kampot! I liked when Mr. Comeau would crack jokes and we would play games on the bus. But, my favorite part of the trip was playing games in the playroom. The hardest work the on trip was kayaking and mountain climbing, they also included a lot of teamwork.

I suggest that others come on field trips like these because it will make you achieve things you never thought was possible, like climbing mountains and swinging from ropes.

– Student 3