In science, our Grade 8 students were tasked with applying their knowledge of mechanics in the form of a Maker Challenge. Working in small groups, using only scrap materials and syringes, students were tasked with creating a working hydraulic lift over the course of three lessons. 

During assembly, each system was rigorously tested by Mr. Borzel and Ms. George, with the team who could lift the most weight being declared the winners. Congratulations to Qiqi, Abhi, Luca and Sophia who were declared the eventual winners, lifting a hefty 250g.

Monthly STEAM Challenge

Each month a different MSHS Grade level is given a project based STEAM challenge. Next months STEAM Challenge will be the Grade 7’s who will be challenged to apply their knowledge of thermodynamics to make an insulated house model.

Visit our website for more information to learn more about how our students rise to the challenge in STEM Learning.


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