CIS teachers nurture and empower over 600 young learners across three campuses. Whether learning happens in the classroom or in the living room, their commitment to our students and parents remains the same. 

Here is a guide for online learning at CIS. For more information about the Alberta Provincial Education Curriculum, click here

Community Expectations

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Students are expected to: 

  • check their Seesaw or Google Classroom accounts for posted materials and live class times
  • attend live sessions on Zoom
  • engage daily with the materials posted online, attend live sessions, and complete tasks as instructed
  • wear their CIS shirts when online
  • complete a weekly reflection (Grades 3 to 11)


Teachers have commited to: 

  • posting curriculum content on Seesaw and/or Google Classroom regularly, dependent upon grade level and needs of students
  • using Zoom as a live video web tool to host video conferences with the entire class in real-time 
  • hosting online office hours where they can be available for contact
  • ensuring quality, rigor and quantity of student work


We ask parents to support distance learning efforts by: 

  • checking Seesaw and/or Google Classroom regularly
  • supporting their children where required to access online materials and resources
  • ensuring that students are online for the scheduled live classes through Zoom
  • providing some basic supplies for their children to complete tasks

Seesaw (Nursery to Grade 5): Using this platform, teachers can provide students with feedback and send back work if there are corrections to be made. 

Google Classroom (Grade 5 to 11): This facilitates communication between teachers and students as well as streamlines educational workflow. It allows teachers to create classes, post assignments, organize folders, and view work in real-time. 

Attendance: Teachers track how many parents see posts on Seesaw and Google Classroom, and how many students completed activities. They also check in with families who did not join and help parents access Zoom if that is an issue.

Digital Eye Strain Prevention: Students will be required to spend much of their school day online. With this, we have to be mindful of digital eye strain. Many doctors recommend the “20-20-20 Rule”. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something that is 20 feet away (about six meters).

Community Resources

Here are some helpful resources that can assist you during the distance learning experience. 

Extra-Curricular Activities from Home 

ECAs are also an important part of educating a well-rounded student. Here are some ideas and resources for activities to keep children engaged and learning other skills while at home. 

Indoor activities:
  • balloon hockey pom pom push
  • pom pom drop
  • straw threading
  • ring toss
  • golf tee hammering
  • ziploc finger painting
  • card slot drop
  • fun with cans
Kitchen tasks:
  • food preparation
  • cooking
Yoga for kids with animalsSK-Gr.4
Cardio dance for family fun
(parents and children)
Zumba For Kids

Zumba® for Kids – “Papi” Jennifer LopezZumba® for Kids – MinionsZumber® for Kids – I Like to Move It

JK- Gr.4
Clay Art

 Clay art for kids | How to Make a Clay Elephant 2Clay art for kids | How to Make Sun with ClayHow to Make Clay FlowerClay Art Ideas

Hip hop teens beginnerGr.4+
Hip hop kids beginnerSK-Gr.3
Hip hop parents & kidsGr.3+

Thank you for being part of this educational partnership. We can’t do it without you.