The Arts at CIS

At CIS, our students place a high value on creative expression, developing and defending qualitative arguments, and critical thinking. The Alberta Curriculum Fine Arts Program encourages students to think and behave like artists and to develop a critical understanding and appreciation of Art. Beginning in Kindergarten, our students explore their world through visual arts, music, and movement. By Grade 10, students can select individualised programs and pursue their passions in Drama, Art, and Music (Choral, Instrumental, or General).

Art is not something we merely create, it is something we value, critique, and use as a medium for the development of abstract and complex thought.

Our Art Facilities

CIS is home to some of the most up to date performing and visual arts facilities in Phnom Penh, our students get to create, choreograph, and combine traditional art techniques with the latest technology. CIS students have access to:

Visual Art

  • ES and MSHS Art Rooms
  • Maker Space
  • Pottery Studio
  • Green Room
  • Photography Studio
  • Graphic Design Software
Visual Arts Program at CIS
Chinese Dragon Performance

Drama and Performing Arts

  • Drama Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • 500 Seater Theatre
  • Latest Sound and Lighting Technology


  • Recording Studio
  • Choir and Band Practice Rooms
  • Instruments
  • Music Composition Software
Canadian International School Concert

Our Programs

“Throughout the grades, an articulated Fine Arts program involves students as creators, performers, historians, critics and consumers. The Fine Arts enable students to enhance the depth and breadth of their expression and intuitive response to fine art.” 

– Education Alberta, CA

Working Together