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Model UN at CIS

Model United Nations (UN) is a truly rewarding experience for students. In order to properly prepare, students must commit their time. As teams we will host meetings during lunch breaks, afterschool and occasional weekends. Team members will need to be available and present for all meetings. 

Additionally, being a part of CIS’ Model UN team requires students to be in good academic standing. This means – attending classes, completing and submitting assignments on-time and good classroom behaviour. Student’s will require teacher recommendation in order to considered for CIS’ Model UN team.

This year CIS is excited to offer both a junior and senior team. Our senior team will consist of students in grades 9 to 11 and our junior team 6 to 8. In supporting our students, we are happy to have Mrs. Cameron, Ms. Giannikos, Ms. Hannah, Mrs. Roles, Ms. Wood and Ms. Gibson as team members. Many staff members have been past MUN participants and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. 

Due to the health and safety measures related to COVID-19, the dates and locations of upcoming conferences have yet to be determined.

What is the Model United Nations?

Participants in the Model UN meet with other MUN teams to simulate the workings of the real UN. Students attend conferences where they play the role of representatives of their assigned countries, and attempt to solve real world issues from the perspective of the nation that they have been assigned.

There is no central body for the Model UN and anyone can form a team. Teams are free to sign up for events locally, regionally, or world wide. Events, known as conferences, are organised by age group, ranging from grade school up to university students. 

A Life-Changing Experience

For many students, Model UN is often the first time they are exposed to political issues and international affairs in a way where they are expected to form opinions and discuss them with others. Attending a Model UN conference is a very challenging and ultimately, rewarding experience for students of all ages. In fact, many world leaders today started out participating in Model UN conferences.

In addition to making new friends from other schools, Model UN builds confidence in skills that serve them well for a lifetime, such as:

  • Communication, public speaking, and debaitng
  • Organisation and leadership skills
  • Research and writing skills


Most of all, the Model UN inspires young people to take on the challenges of our time and build a greater understanding of global issues in a way that is FUN.

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