CIS Indoor Pool Koh Pich

Indoor Pool

Our Koh Pich campus has a covered, six-lane, 25-meter pool for use by elementary and secondary students, and the CIS Swim Team. CIS students take swimming lessons as part of their Physical Education program. Students learn basic swimming skills so they feel comfortable in water and can swim safely. Parents may register their children for CIS’ after-school swimming program as well.

Canadian International School Gym

Fitness Center

Our world class fitness facilities boast, a gym and strength and conditioning centre, as well as several yoga and dance studios.

CIS Basketball courts

High School Gymnasium

CIS students have access to a large, air conditioned gymnasium, complete with seated viewing areas for spectators.

Playing Fields

CIS is one of the only schools in Phnom Penh where students have access to extensive outdoor playing fields. Spectators can view sporting events from our elevated viewing platform.