Through a dedicated set of positions allocated to nine students, applicants are selected for the student council by committee of teachers. Our student council aims to bring out the best of our school community through various initiatives, aimed at developing specific aspects of our international cohort. Student leaders strive to enrich the student experience at CIS by organizing fun community-building events and service initiatives.

The CIS Student Council provides an opportunity for leadership for those interested in collaborating with their peers and the school community to create a dynamic, engaging, and inclusive school culture.

Student Council 2020-2021: What does leadership mean to us?

Rifka Dubois (Grade 9)
Spirit and Activity

Leadership looks like a few things when it’s in action. Leadership is when you are not only guiding your team to reach the desired goals set, but you are a part of that group as a whole. Letting yourself be vulnerable and taking responsibility for any mishaps are among the many elements that a respected leader must show. Being a leader means setting an example that others can follow and creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable to express their own ideas and opinions on every topic. A leader should encourage equal participation throughout the team and provide a foundation for the members to build upon together.

Richi Heng (Grade 10)

To me, leadership feels like my thoughts and ideas are taken into account and valued and that I feel comfortable during discussions. Leadership looks like you’re able to take accountability for the actions of you and your team. Leadership looks like someone who is able to be open to suggestions and ideas and is willing to learn from their own mistakes in order to do a better job the next time.

Viphou Ay (Grade 10)
Middle School Liason

Leadership occurs when an individual is considerate toward their teammates’ suggestions/opinions/viewpoints on the current subject as well as further suggest potential ideas for the school to incorporate. An individual who is capable of leading a group and is willing to put everyone before themselves. Being a leader requires trust from the team, a leader who’s not self-centered, a leader who not only speaks on behalf of the team frequently but habitually communicates with the team in a respective manner.

Allen Mo (Grade 9)

In my opinion, leadership occurs when a person of a group has the ability to guide and lead the group into achieving a certain goal through direction. People who are taking leadership positions must maintain high credibility, accountability, and responsibility in order to be a competent leader. One vital criterion of leadership is patience. In detail, listen patiently and understand each member’s point of view or their opinions and ideas, then consider them.

Kheng Chiev Ly (Grade 9)
Spirit and Activity

Leadership is when you lead by example, take actions and make changes to improve on what is needed. A leader thrives from the ability to work well with others. To achieve that, the leader should have an open mind and listen to different opinions on certain matters, establish an environment where everyone feels appreciated, and help one another to become a better person, which can result in a feeling of trust. These elements are what defines leadership and it makes up my idea of teamwork.

Visal Men (Grade 10)
Spirit and Activity

Leadership is being able to lead people towards a goal in the best way possible. That will include leading by example and helping others improve on things when needed to. The leader will also have to improve upon themselves whether that be through input from others or them personally. That means they’ll have to take responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes. Overall, to me, a good leader can lead and have great communications with others so that everyone feels comfortable and works well.

Vatina Sok (Grade 10)
Public Relations

To me leadership looks like you’re able to take accountability as well as responsibility for the actions that you proceed to take as a role model, to not only the younger students but also our peers. Leadership feels like I am able to openly express my opinions without the fear of having to withhold ideas that I think people may not agree with.

Emma Yee (Grade 9)

In leadership, a vision is significant; you can’t blow an uncertain trumpet. Treating people with respect is crucial. Furthermore, evaluating unfamiliar situations and coming to a reasoned conclusion about the most suitable course of action with agility is a notable element of leadership.