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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year course, and has been recognised as one of the strongest pre-university courses available for Grade 11 and 12 students. The IB Diploma combines traditional academic rigor with three ‘core’ interdisciplinary components that prepare your child for university by developing soft skills such as leadership, public speaking, and work ethic.

Why Students Choose the IB Diploma

Three Core Components of IB

The CAS program will expose learners to new experiences outside the classroom, develop leadership potential, and promote an ethos of service.

The Extended Essay is an independent piece of research carried out within one of the student’s subjects, answering a research question of their own devising. They are supported in this endeavour by a supervisor, who is a teacher at the school.

Theory of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary course that ties together students’ learning by attempting to answer the big question: “How do we know?”. This allows students to compare and contrast different approaches to the construction of knowledge in different subject areas.

IB Learner Profile

CIS is committed to instilling the qualities of a well-rounded leader into our students. The IB Learner Profile is the blueprint for the leaders we are building in the IBDP program.

The profile aims to develop learners who are: Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, and Reflective.

Internationally Minded

For over 50 years the International Baccalaureate has been focused on nurturing global citizens that understand and appreciate cultures other than their own. This global perspective is highly prized by universities worldwide. 

The CIS Advantage

At CIS, DP students receive guidance about how to improve their mastery of the content, concepts and skills developed in each subject. Our small class sizes allow our IB teachers to intimately understand the complex needs of each student and maximize their potential. 

The purpose-built facilities at Koh Pich campus were designed to inspire creativity and innovation at every turn. From the green room in the main library to the makerspace as well as the inviting outdoor areas, we foster student collaboration with peers and faculty through creation.

“Our approach is to combine the best of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with the best of the Alberta High School Diploma to give your child a high school experience that provides the breadth and depth necessary to prepare them for university and beyond.”
Tony George
International Baccalaureate Coordinator

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