Teaching and Learning at CIS Early Years is a Wonderful Experience For All!

Caring For Your Child

At CIS, we deliberately maintain a manageable low student/adult ratio, so that students can be given special care and attention. We believe in family values and in educating the ‘whole child’. This means that the well being of each child academically, emotionally, and physically is important! It is very much a ‘family’ atmosphere at our school. CIS offers a wide range of activities to enrich and support the “Whole Child” concept.


Reggio Emilia Preschool facilities

Lifelong Learning Starts Here

Our Early Years Program follows the Canadian curriculum using the Alberta document, “Flight: An Early Learning Framework for Alberta”. It has been written for the education of young children of one of the most prestigious provinces in Canada. It is based on thorough, current, educational and scientific brain research on how young children learn best. The document provides a clear guide for the curriculum in early childhood settings. It focuses on helping each child achieve their full potential through active engagement, activity, observations, experimentation and social interactions with others. 

Play Based Learning

Play is the key means of early learning that encourages children’s curiosity and eagerness to learn. The goals and outcomes are clearly defined but the pathway to reach those goals may be very individual, for each and every child. 

We are a Reggio Inspired school that encourages teachers to know and understand the philosophy and framework of Reggio Emilia, while ensuring it fits with our setting in Cambodia. Reggio Emilia fits very well with the Canadian philosophy of learning and growing and is referenced in the Alberta Early Years curriculum “Flight” document. This curriculum document is widely used in many schools that feed into an inquiry based IB school.


Specialist Early Years Teachers

Our well-trained and western educated teachers design classrooms and activities to facilitate free and structured play. All of our teachers have degrees, diplomas, and experience in Early Childhood. The activities in our classes provide children with useful vocabulary needed for everyday interactions, learning, explorations, and self-expression. Our classrooms will be maintained as wonderful places of learning with all of the standards of a Canadian education. We know that early education is so much more than learning ABCs and 123s. We pledge to teach the ‘whole child,’ as an individual, and to increase learning potential through proper stimulation.

Portfolio Based Assessment

Children are assessed regularly through observational data. This assessment is ongoing and meant to inform instruction and to build on each child’s individual learning profile and potential. Children will be met wherever they are on the learning continuum and supported to move on to the next step in the learning process. Teachers know and understand the standard expectations for each age group, and they plan and provide the learning scaffolding for each individual child!

Why Choose CIS Early Years?

At CIS, our children construct knowledge and meaning through:

  • Physical activity
  • Social interactions with others
  • Their own active thinking and choices
We believe that communication between parents and teachers is significant in achieving the children’s full potential and we will provide almost daily communication through the use of apps, emails, formal and informal meetings with parents and parent sessions designed to help you help your child.  We want and need you to be part of your child’s education!

More detailed specifics of the curriculum are available from staff upon request. At CIS we love to talk about education! Please feel free to ask us anything.

"Our Canadian Alberta-Flight Curriculum is based on learning through play, making learning a joy for your child. In order to keep our students engaged, teachers prepare a variety of sensory, literacy and physical activities related to our play-based curriculum."
Merve - CIS Early Years Coordinator
Merve Sanli Bulut
Early Years Coordinator

Working Together

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