We offer our students a safe, nurturing, exciting environment for discovery and care. We know that children learn best in a caring, stimulating, age appropriate environment. At CIS we help children develop independence, confidence and a joy of learning at all levels.

CIS provides the following School Services:

School Lunch Program


Chefs prepare all meals on-site at our Koh Pich campus. Meals are delivered to our other campuses a short distance away. The lunch menu is circulated to CIS parents via the CIS Weekly newsletter.

Middle and High School students may purchase healthy snacks and drinks from the Maple Leaf Cafe at Koh Pich. Cash payments only. 

Lunch Program Registration

Parents may register their child for the lunch program for a full academic year or a semester. To register, please contact the Cashiers Office at cashier@cisp.edu.kh.  

Food Allergies

All CIS campuses are nut-free zones. Parents are asked to refrain from sending peanuts (or other nut products) to school with their children. 

All students disclose food allergies when enrolling at CIS. To update allergy information for your child, please contact CIS’ school nurse at nurse@cisp.edu.kh


General Information

Notice: The CIS school bus and buggie services are currently suspended as part of school health and safety measures related to COVID-19 prevention.


CIS school buses arrive at each of our three campuses at 7:50 a.m. and depart at 3:20 p.m. Students must reside within central Phnom Penh and be at least 4 years old to use the service. To register for the bus service, please contact the Cashiers Office at cashier@cisp.edu.kh


CIS school buggies travel between our Koh Pich campus and Bassac Garden Preschool daily. CIS students living along the buggy route may be eligible to use this free service. 

Please contact info@cisp.edu.kh for more information.


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Student Health

CIS employs a school nurse. Personal health and hygiene practices are taught to students and staff. All toys and classrooms are disinfected daily. We follow strict internal policies to limit the spread of contagious diseases among our students.

If your child requires medication to be taken during school hours, please complete the Student Medication Form HERE or from Reception. Our school nurse will keep this form for records. All records are kept private.


We make the safety and security of all students a very high priority.
CIS is a secure school with guards. Students/parents will be issued security passes. All caregivers will also be issued security passes.

Elementary School library

As well as two fully equipped libraries CIS operates a full virtual library. The CIS virtual library can be accessed here.

All CIS students on our Koh Pich campus are required to wear their school-issued uniform. Preschool students at our Bassac Garden and Olympia City campuses are encouraged to wear uniforms to become accustomed to the practice. 

CIS has one classroom uniform for boys and girls: grey shorts and a red, collared T-shirt. Similarly, there is one Physical Education uniform for boys and girls: soft grey shorts and a red T-shirt. Red and grey zip-up jackets and red hats are also available. Shorts, T-shirts and jackets are available in all sizes.

To order and pay for uniform items, please contact the Cashiers Office at cashier@cisp.edu.kh

Items can be collected from the Cashiers Office from Monday to Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., and on Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m..

Schoolwide updates

CIS is in regular contact with parents regarding activities, events and important information. Our main form of communication is our email newsletter, the CIS Weekly, which all parents receive. 

Urgent notices are sent to parents via email, Seesaw (Nursery to Grade 6), Google Classroom (Grades 6-11).

Website and social media

CIS shares information via our YouTube channel, website and our official Facebook account. Students release episodes of “The Daily Bears” via their YouTube channel.

Academic calendar

Events, holidays and key dates are listed in the academic calendar. Due to health and safety measures related to COVID-19, the dates are subject to change.


Gibbon is the school’s student information database. It gives parents instant access to their child’s timetable, attendance records and report cards.

Parent-Teacher communication

Teachers post daily classroom updates for parents in Seesaw (Nursery to Grade 5) and Google Classroom (Grades 6-11). Daily updates are especially important for parents with very young children who are making the transition from home to school. Parents will meet teachers, and often principals, at the school gates at the beginning and end of the school day.

Each semester, parents are invited to attend a parent-teacher interview. This is an important opportunity for teachers to explain student learning outcomes. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and to share their experiences of supporting their child’s learning at home. Of course, parents are welcome to contact their child’s teacher or to request a meeting at any time throughout the year. English-Khmer and English-Mandarin interpretation assistance is readily available. 

CIS Parent Organization

All parents are invited to attend CIS Parent Organization (CISPO) meetings at which administrators and faculty present deeper dives into topics of interest. Parents are welcome to ask questions and to make suggestions. We greatly value feedback from our parents, and we encourage them to inform us whenever they believe we can better serve the students in our care. CISPO meeting dates are communicated via the CIS Weekly.