Leah Dushenski

Head of School

Hello! My name is Leah and I am excited to be part of this strong, vibrant school community. I bring more than 30 years of experience and leadership expertise in the field of education and international schools. My leadership philosophy is built on strong relationships, open communication, and a belief that a good leader nurtures leadership in others. I have two beautiful daughters, Jenna is a teacher and Elayna is a law student. They are excited to visit Cambodia and explore the magnificent sights, history, and cuisine.

Leah Headshot

I grew up in Alberta, Canada, where I began my career as a middle years teacher in a rural community. I have taught preschool through grade nine. I have also served as a school and system leader within Alberta providing expertise in the areas of literacy, inclusive education, early learning, classroom assessment and professional learning communities.

Karen Holmes

Director, Early Years

I am happy to be living in the Kingdom of Wonder! I have loved traveling ever since I was young. I completed my post-secondary education in Alberta, Canada, and worked as a teacher there for many years. Vancouver, Canada then became my home where I continued teaching and was able to ski, hike, cycle, sea kayak, and spend many hours outdoors.  Being passionate about teaching the “whole child”, I enjoy working with teachers to ensure students have a variety of active learning experiences to help them enhance their understanding of the world.

I am especially interested in providing opportunities for students to express themselves using what Malaguzzi referred to as the “100 languages”, meaning the multitude of ways children discover and learn, and then communicate their ideas, knowledge, feelings and imaginations. I am also eager to keep on learning from my colleagues and students at CIS!

Jon Horsnell

Nursery to Grade 5 Principal

I always wanted to be a teacher, 27 years later, I still love working in schools. I grew up in the UK and that is where I started my career, teaching in two different UK state schools. I then joined the Harrow International group of schools in 2002. In their schools, I have assumed many leadership roles, notably Head of Lower School (elementary) and Head of the Prep School (middle years) at Harrow Shanghai and Harrow Bangkok.  Throughout my career, leading by example has been the norm. 

Jon Horsnell

My philosophy of education places the children’s needs first; their wellbeing and learning are at the forefront of all the decisions that I make. My aim is always to help create a happy and inspiring school that ensures an inclusive educational environment, academic excellence and a personalized learning experience. I know that CIS is a school where both children and teachers achieving success on a daily basis. 

Thomas Midbo

MSHS Principal

My name is Thomas Midbo, and I am very excited to be the head of the Middle School and High School at CIS. I have been an educator in Alberta for 30 years. During those 30 years I have had the opportunity to work with educational partners internationally in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, China, Cambodia, Mexico, Bermuda, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Helping students find their own pathway to success, and working alongside teachers to be stronger educators, is exciting for me. I believe a collaborative school community is one that has a better chance of achieving its goals.

Positive and productive relationships do not just happen. Having the courage to be open, honest, and genuine is essential to nurture the kind of relationships needed in a healthy school community.

Tanja Caley

Senior Director of Programs and Services

My name is Tanja Caley and I’m the Senior Director of Programs and Services. I completed my B.Ed. (Secondary) and my M.Ed. (Leadership) at the University of Alberta, and spent 29 years teaching and leading with Edmonton Public Schools. Before CIS Phnom Penh, I was the Head of Middle Years at CIS Abu Dhabi. I am very excited to continue my international leadership journey in Cambodia!

I believe the most powerful way to connect with students, staff and our school community is to simply listen. The most important thing we can share with each other is our attention. I look forward to connecting with the CISP staff, students and parents.