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  • “Fantastic experience in early childhood education. All the teachers are specifically trained to teach young children and the curriculum involves the whole child.”
    Google Reviewer, September 2017

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  • CIS Celebrates International School Nurse Day

    The pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s lives, and it’s no surprise that being in the medical field at a time like this has been very challenging. The pandemic has also taught us to be even more resilient through adversity. It has taken courage, patience and love to […]

  • Grade 11 Complete Group 4 Science Projects

    What is the IB Group 4?  As part of the IB Diploma course, each student is required to take at least one Group 4 subject. Group 4 subjects cover the Sciences and are designed for students to deepen their understanding of the scientific method of inquiry. Students explore topics, theories, […]

  • CIS Pink Shirt Day - Student Display Board

    Pink Shirt Day at CIS

    At CIS, we celebrated Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 23. Our students led assemblies about anti-bullying and being inclusive while wearing their pink shirts. We are proud of the work they are doing to create a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment. Pink Shirt Day, also known as […]

  • CIS Experience Week 2022

    CIS Celebrates Experience Week

    From January 24-28, Grade 6-11 students engaged in a variety of activities during the school’s much-anticipated Experience Week. The week was the first of its kind here at CIS and was a massive success.  The purpose of Experience Week was for students to learn new skills, take risks, and try […]

  • Benefits of Bilingual Education