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  • “Fantastic experience in early childhood education. All the teachers are specifically trained to teach young children and the curriculum involves the whole child.”
    Google Reviewer, September 2017

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    Art4Food Q&A with Raphael Pech

    In May, a collective of talented artists chose to combine photography with charity to provide food to families impacted by COVID-19 in Phnom Penh. We recently spoke with Mr. Raphael Pech, CIS French Bilingual Teacher and founder of the Art4Food campaign, to learn more about how art can bring joy […]

  • TPR For language aquisition

    Total Physical Response (TPR) for Language Acquisition

    Why do we do so many songs with movements, especially for young learners?  It doesn’t seem connected, but we keep students moving to increase their vocabulary!  Total Physical Response (TPR) is a method of language teaching which intends to create a link between body movement and verbal input. By acting […]

  • Cranes Loading Solar Panels at CIS Phnom Penh

    New Solar Energy Project at CIS Koh Pich

    We’re happy to announce the installation of a large-scale solar array at our Koh Pich campus begins today. With this project, we will join the collective effort to reduce Cambodia’s overall carbon footprint–one project at a time. The rooftop array will comprise over 2,000 solar panels generating up to 0.9MW […]

  • A Day in the Life of a Technology Teacher

    Technology Teacher and Facilitator Katie Shea shoulders a broad portfolio of responsibilities at CIS. She not only teaches Grade 6-10 Career and Technology classes, but also facilitates student clubs and schoolwide technology projects. We interviewed Shea and she offered a glimpse into her multifaceted role by recounting a typical Tuesday. […]

  • CIS Supports Local COVID-19 Relief Fund