As we look to 2023, CIS is excited to further strengthen partnerships between the school and families. There will be many opportunities to meet face-to-face and to host workshops, events, and parent meetings. The future is bright!

This past October, CIS celebrated our 10th Anniversary with Family Day. We were so pleased to see so many families on campus, as for many, it was likely your first time. We showcased some of our amazing facilities including the pool, football pitch, library, science labs, and art gallery. The staff was pleased to talk with you and noted how excited your children were to bring their parents to school.

CIS strives to support each and every student to achieve success and we know that families play a critical role in these achievements. Research tells us that when the school and parents form a partnership there are many benefits for the students. 

In 2023, CIS is planning for more opportunities for families to interface with school staff and be on campus. Parent meetings will be held in January to outline the upcoming Experience Week.

CIS will also open the campus to our families and school community. This means that there will be opportunities to use the swimming pool, fitness center, field, playgrounds, and libraries. Later in the month, the new CIS School Council will hold an establishment meeting. The council will enable parents to participate in decisions that impact student learning and well-being.

Collaboration with our families is important. We are grateful that you have entrusted us with your child’s education. We look forward to continuing to work together in support of your child’s learning. Best wishes for a winter break filled with peace and joy. 

Ms. Leah Dushenski

Head of School


Leah Dushenski is Head of School at the Canadian International School of Phnom Penh. She has more than 30 years of teaching and educational leadership experience. Her leadership philosophy is built on strong relationships, open communication, and a belief that a good leader nurtures leadership in others.