Grades 7 & 8

For many, this will be their first experience moving from class to class and taking instruction from subject specialists. Following the middle school philosophy, students are carefully transitioned from elementary school and prepared for high school. Students are grouped in homerooms and will often have one Math/Science teacher and one English/Social Studies teacher in addition to their option teachers.

As a middle school, our lower secondary team works hard to develop a sense of community and learning where adolescents can thrive and find a sense of belonging.

Students will study these core subjects all year:

  • Mathematics
  • Language ArtsIMG_5620
  • Science
  • Social Studies   
  • Language Option (Mandarin, Khmer, French, English)

Students will have two option courses per semester:

  • Drama
  • Music
  • Art
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Middle school students will spend a week with their peers exploring another country. Students are able to assert their independence in a supervised environment and push their boundaries to experience everything that South East Asia has to offer.