Whether you know it as STEM or STEAM, STEAM learning at CIS is an engaging and fun experience for all. Our students love rising to unique and inspiring challenges, and our teachers are passionate about creating opportunities for collaboration and creative thinking. STEAM at CIS incorporates, Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology, Art, and Math using the Alberta CTF and CTS frameworks. 

Career and Technology Foundations

CIS students in grade 6 to 9 undertake the Alberta Career and Technology Foundations course (CTF). CTF is a mandatory course in the Alberta curriculum which allows students to explore different careers and technologies. Students are introduced to film, radio and podcast production in our high-tech green room and recording studio. Additionally, students learn about computer science and coding, where they are given the opportunity to code through creating animations, websites and applications. For students interested in design and technology, CTF offers graphic design and digital art units. Here, students learn design principles and various design tools such as photoshop and illustrator.

Project Based Learning

The Career and Technology Foundations course is hands-on and student-focused. Guided by their teachers, students collaborate with other students in self-directed projects and tasks. Students are expected to plan, create, evaluate and communicate in order to achieve common goals. CTF has a strong emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills through problem solving, collaboration, and interdisciplinary learning.

Career Technology Studies

In Grade 10, students are able to delve deeper into computer science while taking the Alberta Career Technology Studies course (CTS). CTS is a challenging course that is designed to prepare students for higher education, which, in turn, serves as an ideal preparatory course for the IBDP computer science modules. Over the duration of the course students are encouraged to identify and develop their interests through exploration of computer hardware, software, and processes. This includes an introduction to the programming language, JavaScript. 

Students compete in a STEM boat building challenge

Monthly STEAM Challenges

Each month, the technology and sciences teachers collaborate to create a STEAM challenge for one of the Middle school or High school grade groups. In these challenges, students are given a problem they must solve and work together as a team to come up with a solution.

Extracurricular STEAM

In addition to the many curricular and cocurricular STEM program opportunities at CIS, our students are offered a plethora of technology related extracurricular activities. CIS has an active Media Club where they learn about video production and broadcasting. Alternatively, the STEAM club offers students the chance to learn about virtual and physical robotics, coding, as well as other STEAM subjects. 

Black Box theatre technology
STEM Program IT Lab

ASAC STEM Competitions

CIS is a member of the ASEAN Sports and Activities Conference (ASAC), a group of 8 international schools across Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Our students are regularly given opportunities to compete against other schools in STEM challenges through ASAC (currently virtual).

Digital Citizenship

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital technology, the need for responsible and aware digital citizens is also increasing. Threats such as misinformation, data theft, and cyberbullying are ever present online. CIS has established a Digital Citizenship program to help our students develop as responsible and aware Digital Citizens. 

Topics covered and reinforced by teachers include: 

  • Privacy and online security
  • Building a positive digital footprint
  • Being an upstander and spreading kindness online 
  • Dealing with cyberbullying 
  • Copyright and respecting online property 
  • Media literacy 
  • Social media and its impact on real life

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